Plot Review Delays

Hellomynameis99 Project Lead posted Thu at 17:09

Hey all! :-)

Plot reviews themselves take on average about half an hour each, as I always try to find something nice to say about every submission (and yes, sometimes this takes a lot longer for the lower quality plots! :P )

While reviewing plots is the only way we get new builders, it's actually surprisingly low on my list of things to do right now. Here's why:

Managing MCAlagaesia takes a lot of time. For example, just now I spent an hour on the survival server with Azza looking into some griefing and stealing reports. Every month I spend an hour or so running the statistics. I'm talking with a number of developers over Skype to help create the MCAlagaesia server features - that sometimes takes up hours of a day.

I also need to reply scathingly to ban appeals every now and then, but that's more of a hobby than a job. :-)

Back in the real world, I also have a job to support both myself and the entire network, and I'm also working on an engineering R&D project with Azza007, TARDIScrew, HyperElectron and Sherlockshovel, which eats up a huge chunk of time out of every weekday.

Once all this adds up, I'm in a real tight spot for time right now.

Anyway, don't worry: I will be reviewing your plot eventually. Remember that anyone is allowed to review plots (whoa, really?), so if you see anyone else online, you can ask them for a review. A good review from another player increases your chances of becoming a member of the team greatly!

If you enjoy reviewing plots, please feel free to do so! It really helps me out, because if you say something in a plot review, I don't have to.

Hellomynameis99 Project Lead Welp, reviewed two plots yesterday, paying for the lost time today.
aceoftigers Retired Sorry to have bothered you so much about mine 99